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Catherine & Martin


You all played at our wedding a few weeks ago at Castle Leslie, and you were absolutely phenomenal. Your music played a very important role in creating a great party atmosphere for us, so glad we managed to book you!

Both we and our guests thought you were fantastic and you did an amazing job at pleasing such a diverse crowd. There were different nationalities: from Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Germany, USA and New Zealand....and different ages, the youngest was 10 and the oldest was 90... all with different tastes in music. You delivered a fantastic performance, pleasing all and keeping the dancefloor busy all night - the photo attached should prove it - deserted tables!

Your ability to read a crowd is an amazing skill, knowing exactly what will work in a set for a particular crowd. That was one of our main objectives when we went looking for a band - and it was everything we had hoped for, and more: great skilled musicians and a pleasure to deal with at all times.

Thanks again,

Catherine and Martin Sørensen

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